More than half of our country will experience above normal temperatures through the end of this summer according to NOAA’s National Weather Service. While most of the population will likely seek indoor activities to beat the heat, some of us will embrace the opportunity to enjoy the Great Outdoors, and camping is no exception.

Here are some quick tips that will help you plan a fun, relaxing and safe end of summer camping adventure:

1. Reach For The Skies & Head North (If You’re South Like Us) 

While nature’s heater is on its highest setting this year, certain areas of the country are still experiencing cooler temperatures. Simply use this opportunity to take a road trip to higher elevations or cooler regions of the United States.

Photo by Luke Webster

2. Be Shady

With days that seem to last forever, combined with the relentless heat of the sun, don’t camp where there is no shade. Focus on campgrounds that offer natural shading in the campsites, trails and throughout the park. If you have no choice but to visit a shadeless location, be sure to add a sun shade to your gear list and limit activities to the early or late hours of the day. 

3. Seek The Water: Camp At A Lake, River Or Campground With A Pool