The weather may be cooler, but don’t let that dampen your enthusiasm for fall camping.

Camping in the fall is great way to extend your outdoor adventures into the cooler months, while enjoying some gorgeous fall scenery. Too cold, you say? Don’t fret. With a little extra preparation, you can secure plenty more star-filled nights well into the autumn season.

To help you get out there, we’ve put together 45 tips for making your fall camping trips a success. So bundle up, and get out there!


1. Locate an awesome destination. Whether you live in New England or near other popular camping spots, visit  to find a place near you with all the fall recreation opportunities you are looking for. Many of the great places we’re working to conserve also provide ample opportunity for fall camping adventures.

2. Target reduced fee camp sites.  One advantage of camping in autumn is that public lands like state parks and national forests may have reduced entrance fees after Labor Day. Check with individual forests and campgrounds to find out.