A few years ago a friend from work invited me along on a winter camping trip. I had read about winter camping and always wanted to try it, but up until then I didn’t have anyone to go with. Most people think we are crazy and will not even consider trying it. However, if you are well prepared and have the right gear it can be a really good time. For us it has become an annual event that I am always looking forward to.

Below is a list of what I take winter camping and a few tips that I have learned from our trips. 
I included links to many of the items on Amazon if you are interested in learning more.

1. Gear Sled –  The nice thing about camping in the snow is that you can use a sled to haul your gear instead carrying it all on your back. This allows you to pack plenty of warm things without having to worry too much about the extra weight. I use the Emsco Heavy Duty Expedition Sled which is 66 inches long and has plenty of holes to use for tie downs. Another good option that a couple guys have is the Shappell Jet Sled. This sled is mainly used by ice fisherman and has nice high sides and seems to be a little more rugged than the other options.

The first year I used dry bags for my clothes and then warped everything else in a tarp. The next year my friend had the idea of using plastic storage totes and we have doing this ever since. They keep everything nice and dry and are easier to pack and unpack. To pull the sled I put the rope above the hip belt of my back pack and then let it pull against the internal frame. I also run the rope through PVC pipe to keep the sled from sliding into the back of my legs on hills.